Body & Personal Care

Body & Personal Care

Backed by years of clinical research, Subtle Energies creates results-based bodycare and wellness solutions 

body cream

Body Cream

Body cream to treat and prevent dry, cracked skin while keeping it supple and moisturized.
body lotion

Body Lotion

Body lotion to support the skin barrier, the skin's front line of defence against microbial invasion .
Hair removal Wax

Body Cream

Hair Removal Cream helps painlessly remove unwanted hair off your body with power of Charcoal & Turmeric
body cream

Body Scrub

Body care products are used to help exfoliate & rejuvenate your skin for great looks.
body wash

Body Wash

Body washes are like those magic wands that touch your body taking away all the stress, impurities & bad odour.
hand and foot care

Hand & Foot Care

Herbal hand and foot creams are made with organic compounds like fruit extracts, essential oils, vitamins etc.
Lip care

Lip Care

Instantly Moisturize your lips and protects your lips from getting dry & chapped and always keeps them hydrated & beautiful instead.
Roll on

Roll On

Deodorant roll-ons have a rolling ball that helps dispense an even layer of the gel or liquid to the underarms.